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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hooters Air Goes Belly Up

I heard they had a bunch of boobs running it...
It’s official -– Hooters Air going belly up.

After nearly three years of flying, Hooters Air will end all of its regularly scheduled passenger service on April 17. Hooters will now focus on flying charter flights for large groups such as sports teams and tour groups. That was the original business model for Pace Airlines before Hooters chairman Bob Books acquired that small carrier in 2002 and converted it into Hooters Air. "The flying industry is in a terrible mess," Brooks tells The Sun News of Myrtle Beach, S.C. "I've got a fair amount of money, but I don't have enough to fix this animal. … Now I think the best thing we can do is basically put it to bed, at least for right now, until the industry changes.” The first signs of problems at Hooters Air surfaced in December, when the carrier abruptly began canceling flights over the winter holidays -– leaving many disgruntled passengers scrambling to make alternate plans for holiday flights. Then came news earlier this month about another wave of Hooters Air service cuts, which seemed to catch some officials at the affected airport by surprise.