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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Local Residents Tempering Ike's Aftermath

I remember sitting in the KTRH and KPRC anchor chairs in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. It was my job to talk with people on air and disperse information. I also got an earful of hate from listeners who were not happy with local and federal government response.

Fast forward three years later and my stint in the KTRH anchor chair last night was vastly different. The lines were full of callers but this time the attitudes seemed to be much better for the most part. Instead of spewing bile towards the mayor, president, FEMA, God and anyone else who could be blamed, the listeners I spoke with seemed to be thankful and realized that things would soon return to normal.

We reported that 69% of local residents were without power last night and still the callers let me know that they understood the mighty task that Centerpoint is going through. Many offered tips on boiling water, washing dishes and sharing generators and refrigerators with neighbors.

Maybe we can all get along.

I will be hosting NewsRadio 740 KTRH in-depth team coverage of Hurricane Ike tonight again from 10p-Midnight. Give me a call to share your stories or tips - (713)212-KTRH.

I will also appear and take calls on Great Day Houston tomorrow during their special live afternoon show from 3p-4p. KHOU-TV, Channel 11.

I should be in studio for my regular Saturday "High-Tech Texan Show" on The 9-5-0 from 11a-2p and then back in the KTRH anchor chair that evening from 7p-9p. Hang in there H-Town and stay classy (and cool).

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