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Monday, August 01, 2005

Media Center PC

On my program recently we talked about Media Center PCs being the new cool thing to have in your home. CannonPC is a Houston-based company that makes a very, very cool machine. It's not your typical looking grey tower. These units will look sleek in a home theater cabinet along with other high-tech A/V gear.

Gregg Cannon and his team are getting rave reviews on their customizable machines including a strong thumbs up from me. I've been playing with a Pentium 4 system (3.2 Ghz) and it is smoking. From a built-in TV tuner with an HD option, tons of hard drive space to hold almost every tune in your collection plus an easy-to-use remote control which makes it like watching a TV or turning on the stereo.

Machines like this are perfect for the person looking to make a PC the center of his entertainment system. They're also not bad for space-deprived areas like college dorms, apartments or media rooms.