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Sunday, April 02, 2006


I went. Game numero uno (as they are trying to market the team to us). And I think I'm now a Dynamo fanatic.

This was actually not the first pro soccer game I attended. That would be some time back in the 70s when my youth soccer team went to a few Dallas Tornado games in Texas Stadium. I remember seeing Pele towards the end of this career. My kids can now cheer for Brian Ching.

My two oldest boys don't get into sports much; certainly not futbol. But damn if they weren't cheering on the boys in orange at Robertson Stadium Sunday evening. The weather was great (don't get used to it San Jose transplants) and the pitch couldn't have been more green.

Sure the stadium is old. The concession lines were as organized as my 5 year old's soccer games. But the kinks will be worked out. What mattered was the enthusiasm of the announced 25,000+ fans. If Texans coach Gary Kubiak was there he would have thought he was back at Invesco Field @ Mile High Stadium with all the orange towels waving.

Congrats to Oliver Luck and the "nee 1836" staff. The name flap is over. The games ahve begun. The team looks strong (Cha-CHING!). Now how 'bout some cheerleaders!