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Monday, August 15, 2005

Back To School Gear

Every kid needs a backpack so why not get one with a dual purpose. Check out the latest from Eclipse Solar Gear. A line of stylish backpacks with a built-in solar charger for laptops, cell phones and other gadgets.

Choose from backpacks or messenger bags but I can't wait for the camera bag. Too many times I have been caught with dead batteries for my digital and video cameras. No mas!


What is the single most important gadget a college student can have? The student will say an iPod or maybe an Xbox. But the responsible parent - who most often PAYS for the college tuition - will probably tell you it's an ALARM CLOCK.

Get the kid a cool one like the Shoqbox from Philips Electronics. Along with the typical FM tuner it has a flash-memory chip that stores songs in the mp3 or WMA format. It also sports an input jack for an iPod, portable CD or other audio player through the device's small but powerful speakers.

A 256-megabyte version sells for about $150. A 512-mb will be out next month.


One big quandary is whether to buy a laptop or a desktop computer. The arguments for buying a laptop nowadays are overwhelmingly persuasive. There are plenty to choose from that are under $1,000. Laptops let you gain access to wireless networks found on campuses and other school grounds and at hangouts like coffee shops. For college and boarding-school students, they are much easier to manage on move-in day. On trips they double as portable DVD players.

For a good deal on a notebook along with a sleek look and plenty of power, Houston-based Thotbox has a line of laptop computers perfect for the student. Their Akaline line starts at $829 and comes with a 15.4" WXGA screen, 256 SDRAM, 40 GB hard drive and your choice of a DVD or CD RW drive.

Order online with this promo code "HIGHTECHTEXAN" for a 5% and free 2 day FedEX shipping.


With hi-def displays selling for under $600, there's no need to take up precious dorm room space with a separate TV. A good all-around choice for an all-in-one monitor/TV is the Sony MFM-HT75W.

The 17-inch screen is framed in curved silver with a built in subwoofer and stereo speakers. The controls are hidden on the side so all you see is that sweet LCD color. Perfect for surfing the web, watching football or even Desperate Housewives.


  • The Thotbox laptop really came in handy for my daughter in College Station. I was able to have it shipped directly to her with ease. Thanks Michael for another fine recomendation.

    S. Parish
    Tomball, TX.

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