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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What's The Delay? Run For Office!

I live in the famed District 22. Though I've crossed paths with Tom Delay I really didn't care too much about him or his issues; though I hated that all his problems were causing too much headlines and surely getting in the way of his job.

Not surprised he is resigning his position as the heat in the kitchen was getting too hot. Go ahead, retire to Northern Virginia. Write a book. Start your own talk show (though not on my station each Saturday between 12p-2p). Maybe it's time for new blood to speak for this gerrymandered pasture.

I was thinking about running for this spot but then realized this area already has a young, charasmatic, charming leader. Plus I don't feel like raising a few millions bucks right now. Good luck David Wallace (and you too, Kathy). We'll miss you as Sugar Land Mayor but damn if you won't make a strong Congressman.