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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Downtown Park Named "Discovery Green"

The rain delayed the "big" announcement yesterday but downtown H-Town has a new park coming with its new name...Discovery Green.

An unnamed source close to the project confirmed the name this morning. Guess the city didn't want to make it easier on tax payers by selling the naming rights. I don't think H-E-B Discovery Green would have been that bad. Hell, they already put a service mark on the name.

Then again, they have already named the Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group as the preferred restaurateur so maybe Cafe Annie's Discovery Green may be on the horizon.

The name was apparently chosen from over 6,200 public submissions. In an ironic twist, the winning name ws submitted by a guy who works at the Pappas restaurant chain.

Nice tagline, though. "Discovery Green. See. Touch. Hear. Taste. Explore." They forgot "Pay For Parking."



  • They conveniently forgot "Smell" in that tagline, though.

    Or maybe that was a good idea. After all, the city's attempt to relocate vagrants... er, I mean, the homeless from downtown Houston hasn't been very successful. I guess they've got a new alternative camping site: Discovery Green (aka Destination Urination).

    By Anonymous Kyle, at 4:13 PM  

  • Wonder what kind of deal Schiller made with the city. Can't believe Tilman didn't get into the deal. Maybe if Jordy was negotiating his good 'ol drinking boy Tilman would have bought the rights:

    Joe Landry Vic & Anthony's Saltgrass Grotto

    By Anonymous Jeff T, at 6:36 PM  

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