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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

DVD For You And Me

Lots of HD-DVD news coming out today...

Microsoft introduced an external high-definition DVD player for its Xbox 360 player. It's designed to match the Blu-ray disc functions of Sony upcoming PlayStation 3.

The basic Xbox 360 doesn't come with a next-generation DVD player. The new HD player can be added on separately. I find this interesting that Microsoft is kind of playing follow-the-leader with Sony. Their PS3 will feature that company's new Blu-ray high definition DVD player.

Microsoft's HD-DVD will be released in Japan in Nov. 22. Again, kind of interesting that Bill G's company will test a market that has big ties to hometown Sony. No scheduled release dates for other markets including the U.S.

And typing about HD-DVDs...a patent application has been filed for a disc that would play two competing high-definition DVD formats.

This "multilayer dual optical disk" would have one layer of data in the standard CD or DVD format, a second layer able to play one high-capacity format and a third layer for the competing high-capacity format.

As you may know, rival formats Blu-Ray, which is backed by Sony Corp., and Toshiba-supported HD-DVD both work using a blue-indigo laser beam but are not compatible with each other. That will force buyers to choose one or the other, a situation that could slow the growth for the next generation of DVDs that store more information and have better picture quality.

The patent application was filed by three Warner Bros. employees, two of whom are engineers for the company.


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