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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Houston, We Are Impatient

But Austin has us beat. A study came out today listing the most impatient cities in America, according to research which examined where Americans are least likely to wait for the day-to-day conveniences of modern life.

I'll take this survey with a grain of salt just like I believe Houston was the fattest U.S. city (mainly because there are a ton of fast food joints in town). But it is interesting to see that 3 Texas cities are in the top 5.

Austin tops the list by a slim margin with the highest per capita "in and out" gyms, quick-copy centers and quick-change oil services. The city also ranks second in the number of WiFi hot spots and convenience stores, per capita. Indianapolis ranked second.

Houston wasn't far behind at #3. The city finished in the top half of every category but one, "in and out"gyms. Maybe our ranking will go up if and when we get citywide WiFi.

Dallas tied with Baltimore and Jacksonville for fifth place. It's interesting to see San Francisco come in fourth place as the west coast is supposed to be laid back. But they ranked high due to having more WiFi hot spots per capita than any U.S. city.



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