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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Free In-home WiFi from Google!!!

Ah yes. Check your calendar today and you can bet Google will be promoting something so cool it just can't be true. Who wouldn't want free in-home wireless broadband? But don't flush or you may be kicked off line. Huh?


Each year, like clockwork, Google teases us with "interesting" products and services. (Who could forget "Google Gulp" from '05?) Some people believe them - like my friend Susan who sent me that link this morning. But Google gets the last laugh in the end with endless publicity and a sense of being a fun-loving company (but we already knew that).

This one was pretty funny. The "Google TiSP (BETA)" introduced The Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) project - "a self-installed, ad-supported online service that will be offered entirely free to any consumer with a WiFi-capable PC and a toilet connected to a local municipal sewage system. " The joke even included a press release.

The web is no stranger to April Fool pranks. Here's an on-going list.



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