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Sunday, March 18, 2007

MySpace Goes Politico

I'm baaaack. Sorry for the lapse in blogging but I just got back from a little business/Spring Break trip. Lake Tahoe was awesome...I learned to ski, didn't break a leg and won some shekels at the craps table. Other than gaining 5 pounds last week it was a helluva trip. Back to technological factoids...

I've been telling listeners how the major 2008 presidential candidates are using the web and how it will continue to play a key role in fundraising and gaining voters. tracks each candidates' web site and, just as interesting, how many friends each has on their MySpace profiles.

It boggles my mind how many more friends the Dems have over the elephants. Barack Obama leads every candidate with 66,000+ friends. Hillary trails with just about 30,000 friends and then John Edwards with about 14,000.

The Republican friends leader is our close neighbor Ron Paul, the 71-year old state Congressman from Surfside, Texas. Yep, with just over 4,000 friends he leads 2-to-1 over Mitt Romney and way ahead of Guliani, McCain and others. Heck, I've got almost as many friends as Brownback (feel free to add yourself to my list so I can move ahead of Guliani!).

Of course these friends of theirs don't mean much other than the fact they have some slick online and grassroots marketing. But MySpace is taking the election seriously, trying to emulate MTV's grown-up position for the 1992 Rock The Vote coverage.

The social networking site has launched a politics channel ahead. The Impact Channel, will feature links to the profiles of 10 presidential candidates — five Democrats and five Republicans.
MySpace attracted some 60 million U.S. users in December, according to comScore MediaMetrix, and about 90 million globally. According to MySpace, the Impact Channel will feature videos from the candidates, voter registration tools and job-listings. It will also feature fund-raising tools in the coming weeks.

So why do you think the Dems have more friends than the Repubs??

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  • Because the younger generation skews Democratic ... and are much more tech savvy and likely to participate on Don't discount the "blue hairs" as a major political force though -- it's just that they are reluctant to use a computer, as they were to use the microwave oven more than 30 years ago.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:25 AM  

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