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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Which Free Email Service Is Best?

I get hundreds of emails each week and I usually glance at the domain name from which they were sent. A lot of people seem to be using free email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live Hotmail.

Windows Live Hotmail Beta is Microsoft's offering in the webmail revolution that began with the launch of Google's Gmail in 2004, which introduced significantly increased storage space and new interface designs using Ajax technology.

I probably have a dozen email accounts but only use a few of them. I do utilize these free services especially when I am signing up for an online newsletter or account. But not all email services are created equal.

A comparison of the three mentioned above shows differences in storage space, POP services, tagging and even RSS feeds. Personally I'm a Gmail guy due to the mass storage space and free forwarding. Like cars, burgers and sports teams, people seem to have their favorites for various reasons. Here is one list of top 10 free email services.

Give me a quick shout and let me know your fave. This will be the topic du jour Monday morning on my show so we can settle once and for all which one is best.



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