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Monday, July 23, 2007

Stop freakin', I'm just going back Saturdays

Did I scare anyone this Monday morning when I signed off with a big, "my weekday show is OVAH"? My inbox has been working OT since then with questions of my whereabouts.

Relax. I will. I'm leaving for a long-planned family event/vacation in Hawaii. I normally broadcast from my travel spots but since I'm going 5 hours to the west I'd rather sleep than talk to the city at 4am local Kona time. Thus we will be running some repeats the rest of this week.

It's no secret now that KPRC is tweaking its format and beginning Monday, July 30, will have a new line-up. I've known about these changes for a while and now happy to say that you're getting me back on Saturdays. That's where my show began on KPRC back in 2002. Now I get a three hour gig from 1–4pm to talk tech, trash and anything else on your mind.

So get your back-to-school gadget questions and your webcam fired up on August 4. I’ll be back.