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Friday, June 29, 2007

Are you ready?

Got to the AT&T Experience Store around 7:45 this morning to prep for my live broadcast. I expected a semi-circus with cars, lines of people, TV trucks and yellow tape guiding customers where to go. Instead I got an AT&T PR guy, one kid circling the parking lot to see if anyone was in line and a TV reporter for FOX 26. Hmmm, maybe there won't be a mad rush to get these iPhones.

Had some interesting conversation with the Houston VP of AT&T. He didn't provide too much more insight than what the pubic knows about the phone and he expected his store would sell out of them quickly. Cool - I got an exclusive!

I was inside the store when the doors opened at 9am. About a dozen people strolled in; the first person in asked where he could get the iPhone. Oops, come back in 9 hours, please.

By the time I left at 10:15am there were a dozen people lined up. I'll be back at 6pm get mine.

(oh, it's thinner and lighter than I imagined! Sssshhh)

A few things to know. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes (v 7.3) installed as that is your interface for activation and synchronization.

If you have Comcast Internet service let's hope your service has been restored. Early this afternoon many of Comcast's cable modem users experienced an outage. My Ft. Bend home was down but came back online around 2:30pm. Would have had to use my wireless data card to activate my phone this evening. Would not have been pretty.

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