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Friday, November 16, 2007

New Website Launches Live On-Air Tomorrow

After months of preparing and writing and shooting (videos), we are about to debut the new High-Tech Texan website on Saturday morning. We are pumped and can't wait to flip the server so the world (wide web) can see the fruits of our labor.

Mostly it is from the creative minds of Dreamray. Click on the link and you can see a sneak screenshot of the new look. The plan is to kick it on near the top of my show around 11:15am CT so tune in to The 9-5-0.

If you are hear Rice University in the morning, stop by the monthly Houston Area Apple Users Group meeting. I'm still trying to figure out what to talk about during my keynote speech but I'm sure it will be groundbreaking. 9am sharp.

Also on the show tomorrow:

Scott Jordan, CEO of ScottEVest, talking about his high-tech clothing line
Marcie Zlotnik, President of StarTex Power, discussing ways to save energy

Plus, video gaming news you won't believe, best sites to get "Black Friday" deals and what I'm going to do about the Red Ring of Death on my Xbox 360.

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