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Sunday, December 16, 2007

KTRH Monday Morning

As if your weekend wasn't boring enough...I will be sitting in for Joe Pags on 740 KTRH Monday from 9a-11a. I'll try to open my mind and yours a bit by staying away from tech topics as much as I can. Andy Pettite, HGH, Ron Paul's Money Bomb, Dolphins win, Romo hurts thumb, Dan Fogelberg dies should be some of the topics we hit. And of course I will try for the "get" of the year - a live Roger Clemens interview.

Congratulations to P. Solliman from Houston who won a Sony VAIO laptop on my show last Saturday. We're giving away another one this weekend and you can start now by going to the Dreamray website and "finding me."

And typing of Ron Paul, why is he so popular on the Internet? He's got more MySpace friends than any other Republican candidate. He raises millions of dollars simply by asking people to click. For Paul, it's a shame that we don't go to the polls in November online.



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