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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Set Your (Web)Sites on Cyber Monday

Don't let the hype of Cyber Monday fool you. It's simply a marketing scheme (which ain't all that bad) organized by the National Retail Federation.

Created just last year, the organization wants to promote its online shopping partners' websites and let consumers know how easy it is to click and buy. Some will tell you that it's the biggest online shopping day of the year but according to Mastercard and Visa that date was December 10 last year. Either way here are some tips to make your online shopping safer:
  • Use your credit card. You have certain rights if something goes wrong with the purchase and the vendor won't resolve the problem. If possible, use one credit card for all online purchases to keep web purchases separate from other uses.
  • Check and double-check shipping and return policies. Many sites are offering free shipping this year, but you may have to purchase a minimum amount. Some retailers will let you return items to a bricks-and-mortar store with no extra fees.
  • Know your merchant. It's a good practice to be familiar with the name or reputation of any company you're dealing with. You can often find helpful information about online companies from Internet news sources, directories, and rating services.
  • Keep good records. Make sure to print or save electronically any records related to your online transactions. This will help you keep track of shipping dates, shipping and handling fees, and other details of your transactions.

For more online shopping tips including privacy information and how to complain, take a click at



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