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Monday, December 03, 2007

A Heartbreaker of a halftime show

Tom Petty is no Paul McCartney. Or Prince, for that matter. What was the NFL thinking when they named him to perform at the Super Bowl next February in Glendale, AZ?

Oh, the money.

Petty is closely aligned by Bridgestone Corp., whom - oh by the way - just happens to be sponsoring the Super Bowl's halftime show. Why not go with Geritol, Depends or even Brylcream?

McCartney played the big gig seen by 140 million Americans a few years ago, then the Rolling Stones and now Petty? I can understand why those previous acts were chosen and even last year's performance by the reclusive Prince. Michael Jackson even moonwalked at Super Bowl XXVII (we will try to forget his sister at the Houston game in 2004).

All big names in music. But Tom Petty? I'd rather settle for Celine Dion; she's at least more well-known around the world. I can quickly think of at least five other "big name" performers who would be much better choices:

Elton John (oops, he's gay so that probably wouldn't sit well with the NFL and corporate America)
The Eagles
Bon Jovi
Garth Brooks
Bruce Springsteen

I actually care about this because I think the Super Bowl is the coolest spectacle of the year. Even more so, I expect to BE at the Super Bowl since the Cowboys are looking like they will be in it for the record 9th time. Hope they pass out earplugs along with those commemorative seat cushions.

The NFL is free fallin'. I won't back down from my stance - I don't like it.



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