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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Apple Sued For Failing To Deliver "Millions of Colors"

Apple's getting sued because the marketing material for its new iMac desktop monitor promises people "millions of colours." In actuality, the 20in version only displays 262,144. Those bastards! (The iMac 24in screen does display millions of colours -- 16.7 million, to be exact, 9.7 million of which human beings apparently can't even see.)

Brian Kabateck of LA-based Kabateck Brown Kellner, the firm seeking class action status for the suit, said that "beneath Apple's good-guy image is a corporation that takes advantage of its customers. Our goal is to help those customers who were deceived and make sure Apple tells the truth."

The moral of the story: don't say "millions" when what you really mean is "hundreds of thousands." Don't you just love lawyers.



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