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Thursday, April 03, 2008

West U Banning Cell Phones?

What's all this crap about blogging? More important things to talk about...

West University Place City Council is making news with its recent vote to ban cell phones in its school zone (note the singular). As reported in the West U Examiner...(note how I give credit!)

The council unanimously approved an ordinance March 24 that would prohibit the use of cell phones or other mobile communications devices — including hands-free attachments — in the three-block area around West U Elementary when school zones are in effect. The council’s final vote on the ordinance is expected April 14.

After the council’s first vote, [Mayor Bob] Kelly pronounced that West U had “made history,” by becoming the first Texas city to ban “hands-free” cell phone use.
Nice to see they are so proud of this.

Now I am all about safety especially when driving while yapping on a phone but c'mon people. Technology has caught up to the driving generation as cars have built-in Bluetooth and most all cell phones come up with a wired earpiece. There really is no reason that drivers should hold a phone up to their ear but one-handed driving is the the norm nowaday.

I'd like to think that people obey all street signs including school zone warnings. But is banning cell phones the answer? My 13 year-old son has a cell phone and if I see him calling me right after school I'm damn well going to pick it up.

And how are they are going to enforce this law? I use to think enforcing the seat belt law was tough but this one is next to impossible. Even West U Police Chief Ken Walker said it would be difficult to enforce a hands-free ban.

A few other cities in Texas have made hands-free talking mandatory when in school zones but nothing as stringent as West U. San Antonio is thinking of jumping on the BANdwagon too.

AT&T has already stepped up to oppose the West U ban by asking residents to send letters to the mayor and city council. Other wireless companies probably won't be far behind.

What say you on this matter? No doubt this will be a hot topic with my callers this Saturday. Just make sure you don't call me on your cell from West U while in your car.

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  • The proper issue is distracted driving. And phones are somewhere below eating, grooming, fooling with the radio and arguing with your mother in law in the back seat.

    Barring use makes the ninnies feel good and will grab some money as the protectors and servers write tix for this awful offense.

    Rule of law should be; no harm no foul.

    You can have my phone when you unscrew it from my cold, dead ear!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:36 PM  

  • They are also banning talking on phones using wireless bluetooth devices... how exactly are they even going to know that you're talking on a cell phone if you're using the bluetooth system that comes in your car? Stupidest ban I've ever heard of.

    By Blogger kasey, at 5:01 AM  

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