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Friday, July 18, 2008

When Will iPhones Arrive At A Store Near You?

We've got a doozie of a show lined up on Saturday with a handful of guests to entertain and inform you. That's actually a little radio trick when you don't feel like preppin' and answering live questions.

I spent almost an entire week with hypermiling expert Dan Bryant so it is appropriate we begin with a recap of our Hybrid Tour of Texas. Dan was able to average 68.5 MPG during our 5-city jaunt between Houston, Corpus, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. He's got lots of tips for you.

We took a lot of photos on the trip and an executive with RocketLife will join me to discuss ways of creating photo albums by uploading pictures and designing the look of a printable book. Perfect timing for your summer vacation memories.

I hung out Friday at the new AT&T Store in Town & Country Mall. No less than a dozen people stopped in to see if they had the new iPhone in stock. Nope. In fact every AT&T Store in southeast Texas is completely sold out of the new gadget. But here is a secret page on Apple's
website to learn when Apple stores will receive their next shipments.

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