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Monday, May 22, 2006

24 No More

"The following took place between January - May 2006." I wasted the past five months of my life (or Monday nights) for that?

This was the first season I got into 24 and had been captivated every week for the past two dozen episodes. The plot twists and situations were beyond believable but I kept saying to myself, "this is FOX."

The season finale Monday night was pretty intense but the writers still left out many unanswered plot lines. Who was that supersecret team of people President Logan kept talking to? How many times did Curtis get shot that day and where is he now? Can Chloe come co-host my show and answer those tough computer questions from listeners?

And it still amazes me how characters can move about the city. Jack's episode-ending capture took him from an abandoned building at a Los Angeles airfield to the torture chamber of a Chinese freighter in the time span it takes most people in L.A. to drive five blocks. Looks like Jack will be fighting the Chinese mafia again next season (er, I mean, day). But is that smart? Making the new "enemy" a country with the fastest-growing economic market in the world isn't the best way to boost those DVD sales.

Scale of 1-10: Season suspense - 8, Season finale - 3, Chance of me watching Day 6 next January 2007 - small.

Countdown to the big season finale of TV's best show this Wednesday...LOST. At least they sleep.