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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mayoral Musings

Behind-the-keyboard secrets of Wednesday evening's online chat with Mayor White...

The original plan was for Mayor White to dictate his answers to me as I typed them. That lasted about 30 seconds as he pushed my hands out of the way and did it himself. The man bangs out letters faster than I can.

The city's CIO, Richard Lewis, was also in attendance to help answer any specific questions about the WiFi initiative and bids. We had two laptops set-up (one for me, one for Mayor White) yet while we were trying to log on one machine Richard was trying to log on the other. The CIO couldn't figure out how to enter the chat room so Mayor White quickly leaned over and showed him how to do it. Is that micromanaging or do we have the highest-tech mayor in the land?!

The mayor was supposed to stay only for 15 minutes due to another event afterwards. He was gracious enough to stay for close to 30 since we had a few technical SNAFUs. This is the second time he delivered more than he promised me...he called in to my radio show last Saturday supposedly for only 5 minutes. He kept on talking for nearly 20 minutes and caused us to miss our first commercial break.

My HP Tablet PC tc4200 hummed right along for 4+ hours on its battery!


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