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Friday, April 28, 2006

Super Mario?

OMG! WTF? The Texans signed Mario Williams?? You are kidding me! I can understand passing on Vince but jeezo. At least give the fans the Heisman trophy winner, the "best college player in the past 20+ years", etc... This is not going to sit well with fans.

Just flipped to some sports radio stations and the fires are already lit. My boy Carl Dukes on ESPN 790 The Sports Animal was juggling dozens of calls and trying to figure out what the hell Charlie Casserly was thinking.

Conspiracy theories:

1) Casserly is leaving the Texans to be GM of another AFC South team. He's laughing his off now.

2) Domanick Davis threatened to kill the entire Texans front office if they chose Reggie.

3) Mattress Mack was going to take another two pages in the Chron tomorrow pleading for Manny Lawson, the other DE from NC State. McNair and Casserly decide to save Mack some money and just pick a big defense guy.

My take: negotiations weren't going well with Reggie. His camp thought the Texans' interest in Mario Williams was a negotiating tool. Texans got pissed and cut their nose to spite their face and signed Mario.

I feel sorry for Texans fans (I like the Texans but remember I'm from Dallas). I can only hope that this guy pans out like Russell Maryland (1st overall pick, 1991, DT) for the Cowboys.


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