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Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Bloggings

Busy weekend. Opened up Friday morning entertaining a gaggle of realtors at a Canyon Gate community near Redstone Golf Club. This is a regular gig I do for Canyon Gate, a big partner and sponsor.

While up near Redstone I popped into the Shell Houston Open to get the lay of the land. Had a media and parking pass waiting for me so that was quick. I was looking for the broadcast location near the 18th green for my Saturday show. Hung out with the usual sports hacks from TV. Matt Sampsel from Fox26 looked like he was having too much fun in the sun by 1pm. Wonder if he was "working..."

Shot down I-45 mid-afternoon to the Hobby Center downtown where I went through rehearsals for the Greater Houston Builders Association annual PRISM Awards that evening.
Big to-do...1500 people, tuxedos, red carpet. Oscar theme, ya know. Hadn't worked with reflector-glass teleprompters in a while but it came back quickly. Took a catnap in my dressing room and then almost lost my voice that night from announcing 60+ winners. Fun time. Got home around 11pm and stayed up a while prepping for my show.

Woke my 11 year-old son up early Saturday and headed back up to Redstone. Probably spent $50 in gas from Sugar Land. Beautiful day. Got to the course early enough to chat with some players and checkout the leaderboard. We set up the radio booth in the public food court, not 50 yards away from the 18th green. Ya never know what you're gonna get on a remote b'cast but the phone calls came in and passers-by asked good questions. Big topic this weekend seemed to be wireless ways to access the Net. I opened it up by telling listeners I was logging on via my Verizon BroadbandAccess card though I could have used the WiFi on the golf course. Sorry to those folks trying to log on to our videoconference. had upgraded their servers and my website link to the conference was not working. Too bad, I was anxious to piss off CBS by showing live shots of the golfers.

Spent the rest of the afternoon walking the course and hanging out in the Redstone Villa on the 18th green. Their set-up rivaled their own resort spa facility at The Houstonian. Three-level tent with A/C (the only hospitality suite with A/C out there). Imported beer, wine tasting (I drank water only all day), cigar rolling, open bar, plasma TVs, massage chairs. Now THAT'S the way to watch golf.

Got home and jumped in the pool. Had time to hop in the shower before heading out again to co-host an event in Sugar Land with Mayor (and future District 22 Congressman) David Wallace. Spent an hour with hundreds of high school seniors giving away prizes and telling them to keep off drugs, go to college, blah, blah....

And on Sunday, I got to rest! (if you count mowing and cleaning the pool)

See you Tuesday afternoon at 12 noon when I'll be a celeb ice cream scooper at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop on Kirby near Bissonnet. Everyone gets free ice cream!