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Friday, June 16, 2006

Bring Me Chloraseptic!

After running 10 marathons I thought I couldn't find other ways to punish my body. Tune in Saturday and watch me talk myself into the ground.

My partner in radio crime, Randy Lemmon, host of KPRC's GardenLine, is out of town and he asked me to fill in for him. Not knowing a thing about trees, grass or flowers I wholeheartedly jumped at the opportunity.

I'll be sitting in the main chair from 8a-12p however we will have a few actual gardening experts in studio to answer anything harder than "what color should my grass be?" Once those four hours are in the can I'll then return to my regular programming and do the usual two hours of The HTT Show. By 1pm I totally expect to have an IV of Coke Zero in my left arm.

It may be worth your while to tune in to my show, though. Who wants to win prizes?!!?? The cool folks at ATI sent over some TV Wonder USB 2.0 cards to give away. If that's not a good enough gift for your Dad this weekend I'll also dispense a few SkyTone USB phones. They work great with Skype.

So tune in, join the videoconference and WIN, WIN, WIN! (another shot of chloraseptic, please)


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