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Monday, June 12, 2006

A Kick In the Grass

The U.S. team is kicking off its World Cup play Monday (11am CST) against the Czech Republic. But Germany will still have a presence on the field, er, pitch.

This year's tourney will feature new technology. Each match will be played with a new Adidas ball called "Teamgeist." It has a 14-panel configuration that forms a perfectly smooth exterior; no more patch work like my son's size 3 regulation ball. Supposedly the new ball construction will give players more accuracy and control. We'll soon see what Mr. Brian Ching thinks.

The Teamgeist ball can be yours for about $130. Talent, of course, is extra.

UPDATE: Apparently the U.S. needed more talent and balls vs. the Czechs. 0-3. Ouch.


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