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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Ball Is In His Court

Rog is back. 3 weeks in the minors and then a June 22nd return.

Didya catch his press conference on Wednesday morning. He stated "the ball is in my court" FIVE (5) times. What's up that? Is he contemplating a Wimbledon run? He hit the ball out of the park. He gets $$ no matter if he wins or loses. He just better start putting Icy Hot on his balls to get him pumped up to win some games.

Tuesday 4:35pm
Newsday is reporting that the Rocket is returning to the Astros. Good thing he made his decision now; a few more losses by the 'Stros and Roger may have high-tailed to New York.

Reportedly $3.5 million per month. But how are the health benefits?

Of course Purpura and the boys deny that a deal has been done.

And how did Newsday scoop Mark Berman? I look forward to reading Houston-related sports stories that being with "KRIV is reporting..."

More to come...


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