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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Real Texan (in Colorado)

Even though I had to hit Colorado to find a horse I'm still doing our state proud up here. Having a blast with the kids at C Lazy U but a certain lower part of my body is very sore. Wonder if the leather seats in my car could be made in the shape a saddle?

So while I've been up in 8,200 ft of altitude all week, did I miss anything back in H-Town? Actually a lot of "local" news happened not too far away from me in Aspen earlier this week. I guess Kenny Boy finally got a pardon from the Big Guy in the sky. Or did he...? Hmmm... It's been interesting to read some of the conspiracy blogs about Ken Lay. "The Bush Buddy Relocation Program" was one of my faves. Something tells me this saga is not over yet.

Even though I'm out of town the radio show must go on. I'll be playing the part of Jay Leno to Johny Carson's way of taking a vacation. Just suck it up and do your own shows instead of finding a sub. Besides Joan Rivers and Garry Shandling were busy this Saturday. Tune in as usual at 12pm (11am Mountain Time!) as I figure out what's new in tech this week. But I do have some good stories about traveling with gadgets, finding Internet access on the road and how to survive saddle sores.


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