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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Coyote Won


It looks pretty official...According to my boy Mike McGuff, here is the ABC 13 story.

Just heard from Ray Fohr on behalf of AT&T:
"It's a good time for customers caught in this cable-company property trading to think about where they're getting their broadband, entertainment and voice services. Our customers don't have to wonder who their provider will be next month. AT&T has been serving the Houston market for more than 100 years, and offers its customers great bundle prices on broadband, with DISH entertainment and reliable voice services."
As I stated below, GAME IS ON!!!

Wondering why my cell phone and Blackberry started going crazy early this morning (6am California time)...

AOL and it's parent Time Warner Inc. made some big announcements today. AOL seems to be changing its business model and giving away the farm. Free email and software for everyone! I talked about this on my show a few weeks ago regarding a rumor but now its official. The bean counters realize that more free services should translate into more traffic which in turn should mean more ad revenue. Make sense to you? We'll see if it makes sense to them soon.

And bigger news - at least locally - Time Warner appears to be moving out of the market in a subscriber swap with Comcast Cable. I have a call into TW Division President Ron McMillan and will update you if and when I hear back from him.

That's pretty big news, certainly for me, as I was a part of the initial rollout of TW's Roadrunner service about 6 years ago. It was indeed the "fastest, smartest, easiest way to the Internet" and I enjoyed people chasing me through parks, golf courses and coffee shops asking me about the service.

But the broadband land has changed since then and more options abound. While RR had a large share of the Houston-area market their prices continued to escalate. At the same time DSL prices have dropped and I'm guessing this news may escalate into a broadband marketing war. RR customers aren't going to be happy when they have to change their email addresses (not immediately, however).

Look for AT&T (the new AT&T) to capitalize on this opportunity. They already offer DSL around $15 per month and with new products like HomeZone and U-verse, they are poised to deliver TV and video with more options than a cable company. I also have a call into my contacts there and awaiting an official response.


  • It's a big opportunity for companies to roll out Fiber to the Home networks, but I don't know if anyone is ready to capitalize on such a move. Fision seems to be in slow motion. Phonoscope maybe?

    By Blogger Kevin, at 3:09 PM  

  • It looks pretty official:

    By Blogger mikemcguff, at 3:21 PM  

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