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Monday, July 10, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

Or actually out of the saddle and back in H-Town. Apparently I picked a great week to get away weather-wise. My swimming pool was topped off and the grass was 8 inches high. Can I assume it rained a bit?

Our live broadcast from the Colorado mountains turned out great. Amazing what technology can do. If I didn't say where I was I bet most listeners would have assumed I was in studio. The Blue Box was one of the better purchases I've made. All I need is a dedicated phone line and I'm good to go. When in doubt, find a fax machine and borrow the phone cord. Thanks again to the folks at C Lazy U Ranch for stringing the extra line so our videoconferencers got a great view of the mountains.

Had a lot of callers with some good topics. Apparently the weather here was so bad people stayed inside and listened to the radio. A lady wanted help choosing between a 720p and 1080i high-def TV. That gave me a good opportunity to delve into the differences between resolutions but also different options like plasma, LCD, DLP, and even LCOS. To further spice up my alphabet soup I gave a quick lecture on HDMI. Thanks to regular listener and HD expert Mel Rainer for IMing his suggestions (720p is just as good as 1080i with advantages such as handling motion better).

More fun topics this Saturday as we do the show from our sister station KTRH's Dream Home. My buddy (and host of KTRH's Home Improvement Hotline) David Yates helped put together this $1.9 million home in Hunters Creek Village. It features some of today’s newest architectural design features, interior decorating, furniture, accessories, appliances, building products and more. Come out and be a part of the show from 12p-2p this Saturday.


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