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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Travel Blogging

It's not like I take a vacation every other week but lately it kind of seems that way. Of course, my official work week is a whopping two hours so I guess my life is a vacation. ;)

Been in San Antonio since Monday morning though it's technically a business trip. Had some meetings with AT&T execs here at their world HQ. Of course I also hit the Riverwalk (margarita tastings), Hemisfair Tower (checkin' up on Tilman's new digs) and Sonterra golf course (um...).

Back in H-Town Wednesday afternoon just in time for my shindig at Downing Street Pub. The RSVPs have been off-the-chart so try to get there on time before it gets packed - 5pm.

Can't get too schnoggered as I have to be on the HP campus early Thursday. Have some meetings with product managers so I can get a peek at their new back-to-school products and maybe a preview of their holiday "toys." I'll bring my camera if they let me take pics. Check back later for more...


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