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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Road Runs Out

More on the Time Warner exodus from H-Town:

Comcast already owns the Houston system jointly with TW, but TW has operated and managed it. There will apparently not be any immediate changes from the customer's point of view, aside from the name on the bill. Price, equipment and service will stay the same at least for the time being.

The biggest question I have which no one at TW or Comcast can answer yet...WILL TW CARRY THE NFL NETWORK IN TIME FOR FOOTBALL SEASON?!? I've been calling out TW on this issue for the past several months. Beginning this year some games will be shown on the NFL Network. Since TW Houston does not currently carry this channel a lot of Houstonians are out of luck. This really dosn't effect Texans fans as they don't play a game carried by this network this season. But for us Cowboys fans we may be SOL on Saturday, Dec. 16.

DISH time...


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