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Monday, August 14, 2006

Time for my Segway Upgrade

I had one of the very first Segway HT units since they hit the market; actually took delivery Segway #1 from Segway of Houston when they set up shot. I use it primarily to tool around my neighborhood - going to the mailbox, gliding to the park. Best use yet: hauling the kids door-to-door on Halloween night. You can't imagine how much time you can save trick-or-treating when rolling right up to front doors.

Just saw version 2 has come out but not sure I want to fork over $5,000. Model I2, as they are calling it, lets you drive the machine as you lean your body rather than using a handlebar.

I was always impressed with the keys. Instead of inserting a key into a keyhole to start the Segway, a small magnet turned it on when touched to a keypad. The new model has what's called an Infokey and acts as speedometer, odometer, trip computer and battery gauge. It can go in your pocket or fit on a keychain.

Apparently there is more to come - six other versions called Commuter, Police, Commercial Cargo, X2 Golf, X2 Police and X2 Adventure.