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Friday, August 04, 2006

Coming Back To Reality...Slowly

The weekend approaches and thus my time on the Left Coast is coming to an end. Trying to grab the last bit of sun today so I can shine back home next week.

Got to love this part of the country, especially LaLa Land. We're in Orange County - about an hour south of LA - but we get the local LA TV stations. With all the wacky stuff going on the in world including Israel-Lebanon, massive heat waves, gas prices and more, the top story on every station this past week here has been the Mel Gibson incident. I now know what really drives this town. Gibson has been getting dissed and pissed on from this end. Though I usually just laugh off these celebrity meltdowns I am with the majority on this one. Boycott everything he does from now on. Loser.

I plan to do my show from out here on Saturday. Have to remember it starts at 10am PST so I need to be sure to wake up earlier. Lots of news to cover regarding the Time Warner pull out. I've been working the phones and email out here trying to line-up a rep from TW or Comcast. No luck yet but I do have comments from interested parties and competitors plus a checklist of what may happen and what current TW/Roadrunner customers need to do to prepare for a switchover. And if you have an AOL account, I can help you try to kill your account since many features are now free.

Tune and log on to the webcam. I'll try to zoom in on the waves.


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