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Friday, September 08, 2006

Laptop Profiling

This is gonna slow down those airport screening lines even more:
Korean Air, the largest airline based out of South Korea, on Wednesday said
it would not allow any Dell laptops or certain Apple notebooks to be used
during flights while running on battery power due to concerns over potential
fire hazards, the Associated Press reports via the International Herald Tribune.

In August, both Dell and Apple announced massive recalls of notebook
batteries that contained faulty power cells manufactured by Sony. Both
firms recalled 5.9 million Sony-made batteries after reports that some had

A Korean Air spokesperson told the AP the ban has been in effect since
Aug. 30; however, its customers can still use their Dell and Apple notebooks
while aboard flights after they’ve detached the batteries from their machines
and plugged into a separate power outlet.
All Dell laptops are included
within the ban, and Apple’s iBook and PowerBook computers are also covered,
according to the AP.


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