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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Goin' Through The Big D

In Dallas for a few days before the kids go back to school...Hangin' with my parents and relatives back in my old stomping grounds.

A few things I miss about this city up north on I-45...
  • 7-11. Still can't figure out why in the world this convenience store is not in the Houston market? They used to be headquartered in Dallas so the entire Texas market should have been a no-brainer. Instead I only get to treat my kids (and myself) to a Slurpee a few times a year.
  • Taco Bueno. Fast-food; real good. Don't ever mention Taco Bell in my presence as this chain blows it away. I actually used to work here during high school (only one week - long story). 89 cent burritos. Case closed.
  • The Media. Don't wanna knock my friends on Houston TV and in the newspaper biz but the overall news delivery outlets in Dallas have always outshined anything in H-Town. WFAA-TV (ABC affiliate) was THE TV station to watch growing up in the 70s and 80s. No other local station came close to its ratings and perception as being the classiest news outlet in the biz. Still recognize several on-air faces today. And the Dallas Morning News is such a treat to read. Seriously. Many years ago they began referring to people in every news story with a "Mr." and "Mrs." The first section I grab is Sports which could probably be sold for the 75 cent daily list price alone. They figured out how blend stories, commentary and digital content to make sense. Lots of reference to online blogs, SMS alerts, chats and more. Somebody get Jeff Cohen a subscription. Can't tell you much about radio as I don't listen to local stuff in either place. But the billboards...!

Having grown up in Dallas but now living in Houston I have experienced the best and worst of both worlds. One thing I try not to do is compare the two cities nor get in a pissing match about which one is better. I leave that to others. And one caught my eye today in the DMN Sports section. Columnist Gerry Fraley writes:

Identity theft: When it comes to college football bowls, the
city of Houston cannot get it right. The latest incarnation of a postseason game will be the Texas Bowl, to be played on Dec. 28 at Reliant Stadium. Just how many focus groups and brainstorming sessions did it take for the bowl group,
a subsidiary of the NFL's Texans, to hit on the name the University Interscholastic League has long used for its football title games? It would be as if the Cotton Bowl stole "Oak Cliff Super Bowl" from Carter and Kimball.

Who needs this Israel-Hezbollah stuff? God bless the I-45 corridor.


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