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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yahoo! IE 7 Is Here (Kinda)

We've been waiting for Microsoft to officially release the final version of Internet Explorer 7. As reported here and via commentary on my shows you could have been using the Release Candidates for a while. These versions are fully functional and just await the final tweaks to make them a GO for the world to use.

Microsoft plans to release IE 7 any day now through its Windows Update. But Yahoo beat them to punch. They just posted a version optimized for Yahoo. This includes Yahoo home pages, Yahoo as the default search engine and a Yahoo toolbar.

Unless you are a Yahoo yahoo my recommendation is to wait a few days until Gates & Co. pushes their version out. I'm a Google guy and swear by the Google toolbar. Though I could probably kill the Yahoo features on this version I am in no rush. I'm already using their final release candidate and it works just fine.
UPDATE: Yahoo only beat MS to the punch by a few hours. As of 8pm CT, Microsoft has posted the new version on its site. Go, Go, Go!!!



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