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Monday, February 12, 2007

BREAKING NEWS v2.1...City One Step Closer To WiFi

It's been almost a year since the City of Houston announced an RFP to build out a wireless network. Last October negotiations began with two companies to finance and manage the system - Earthlink and Convergent Broadband.

A wireless network covering 600+ square miles of our city would qualify Houston as the world's largest WiFi network, that is if WiFi (802.11 standard) is the chosen technology. Yes, there could be more solutions to delivering non-wired connectivity.

Look for announcement next Monday (Tuesday at latest) on the company selected to spend tens of millions of dollars to create and manage the infrastructure. I will have reps from the City and the "winning" company on my radio program the entire hour the day after the announcement.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Press conference just called for Tuesday at 4pm at City Hall.

UPDATE 2: Just for the helluvit and background research...

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