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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The WiFi Word Is Out

Just got back from the mayor's presser at City Hall where the "big secret" was revealed. Earthlink Municipal Networks was selected as the company to build the city's wireless network.

Mayor White elaborated on the details as specifically as he could:
  • The project is expected to take up to 27 months to complete

  • The next steps are for city council to approve the recommendation, sign a definitive agreement with Earhtlink and then a term sheet

  • Expected cost to Earthlink is initially $50 million

  • Approx. 95% of the city will have WiFi coverage

  • The price for subscribers depends on the individual ISP. Some ISPs who use Earthlink's access may charge nominally for this service while others could possibly offer it for free depending on their business model (i.e. ad supported)

I spent a few hours during the day providing comments to several media outlets - KTRH, Channel 11, Fox 26 and CW39. Also lined up a slew of guests for my radio program Wednesday. The lineup as of now has Mayor White calling in a the top of show before he begins his weekly city council meeting. City CIO Richard Lewis and Earthlink Executive VP Don Berryman will join me in studio to answer listener questions. Umesh Verma will call in later to talk about the Greater Houston Partnership's role and how businesses will be able to utilize the network's resources.

I'd be interested to chat with a Convergent Broadband representative to get their take on the selection process. Interestingly enough they learned they were not the chosen company from my blog and radio show Tuesday morning. (Note to Don Jordan and Mark Singleton, please drop me a line if you would like to comment).

Got a question about the project? Leave a comment below or call in Wednesday between 9a-10a at 713-212-KPRC.

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  • Michael, good coverage on this. Been following the story for many months and anxious to hear your show for their comments and spin.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 8:02 PM  

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