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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tony Hawk in town Sunday

Just got off my cell phone with skateboarding icon Tony Hawk (seriously). His publicist set up a call to promote a last-minute appearance in downtown Houston tomorrow.

Oprah's Harpo Productions is producing a new reality series called The Big Give. They are coming to Houston to raise funds and collect toys for a local elementary school. Tony wouldn't say which school is getting the goods as they are saving that for the big reveal later.

Couldn't help but put him on speaker phone so my kids could listen in. My three boys are huge TH fans. My 10 year-old only wears Tony Hawk t-shirts and spends most of his free time on one of his 3 Hawk video games. Daddy is a hero for the weekend as I even let them ask Tony a few questions.

Josh Garfield: "Um...what is the hardest trick you've ever done?"
Tony Hawk: "Probably the Kick/Flip/McTwist."
Josh: "Cool." (silence, as held the phone for another 20 seconds trying to think of another question)

Hawk and his crew will be providing a free skateboarding and BMX show at 3:00 PM near Minute Maid Park (the parking lot is an entire city block surrounded by Crawford Street , Rusk Street, Capital Street, and Jackson Street.) He's bringing his supersize skate ramp and crew, including skate icons Jesse Fritch and Jean Postec along with BMX stars Dennis McKay and Rick Thorne.

Admission is free but they are collecting toys (for pre-k thru 4th grade) and monetary donations at the door until 8:00 PM Sunday evening.

Skate on, Tony!



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