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Monday, May 07, 2007

Internet Predator Interview

Local 2 investigative reporter Stephen Dean will join me in studio Tuesday morning. He has a new book called "Setting the Trap for Internet Predators."

If you have seen Stephen's reports you know how he busts people lurking for kids online as they hide behind their computers. We will discuss some tricks kids are now using to avoid detection by their parents, where law enforcement is on all of this right now and why they are having so much trouble.

We'll also touch on the latest dangers on social networking sites and a growing threat that's gotten some kids hurt already on new phone and Internet chat lines.



  • I agree that kids are smart and they pass along many tips and tricks on how to avoid getting caught by the Parents and teachers. That’s why we developed the Defender hardware monitoring and alert service. The Defender is working exceptioaly well in one Arizona School as seen on Fox 10 news:

    Anyone working to solve this Internet Threat against children knows just how complicated the task is and it’s only getting worse. We decided that we needed to get help from the community and developed a new vision to solve the problem that now includes law enforcement. Although most government agencies cannot and will not endorse commercial products, they can still work closely with the private sector. The battle is far from over, and we need to make serious progress fast in order to protect as many children as possible…

    Donald Scott
    EVP, PHXsystems, LLC

    By Anonymous Donald Scott, at 12:54 PM  

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