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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

YouTube the next Clear Channel?

Mark Cuban is pissed. Maybe because his Mavericks were knocked out of the NBA's first round of playoffs. But he ain't happy.

His latest blog goes off on YouTube (remember late last year when he said any company thinking of buying YouTube would be a stupid mistake?). YouTube just announced a pay-for content program that would pay content owners money for their content (note to self...create content!).

Cubes says that YouTube

immediately went from a small but interesting community for its original content, to basically being just like Clear Channel, responsible for programming its different "formats" with the "best" possible content that creates the greatest number of eyeballs and maximizes advertising revenue. It's big business, just like Clear Channel.

And what's wrong with Clear Channel??



  • Don't you know Michael, Clear Channel is evil, just like Haliburton and McDonalds. Big business is evil, must stay away from big business. Big business bad! :)

    By Anonymous Don@DirtFromTexas, at 2:46 AM  

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