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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday in the park

Seems like old times, huh? Today's first show back on Saturday went well despite some technical glitches in the first hour. The KPRC (er, The 9-5-0) studio had an electrical outtage in the early afternoon so I had to do the first hour in the studio next door. Thanks, Sports Animal, but what's that smell in there?

Lots of viewers on live videoconference. Go get a webcam and log on during each show (except next week, August 11, when I'll be out of town and we'll run a repeat).

Major props to local online "celebrity" blogger and Chanel 13 producer Mike McGuff for stopping by. He shared his insights about blogging, the new AT&T Video Share phone (so-so) and reminisced about the late Marvin Zindler. I need to get him in regularly along with other local tech "losers."

And you never know who will call in...nice hearing from retired/not-yet retired Channel 13 weatherman Ed Brandon.

Links we yapped about today included:

Seeqpod music playable search
Pinnacle Systems Studio 11
Drop Shots photo and video sharing

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