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Saturday, October 06, 2007

We're Rolling at 11am

Only one thing can keep me away from the Texas-OU game in dedication to you, my dear listeners. Even better, my show begins its new timeslot today from 11a-2p. Perfect timing as I can make it home for kickoff at 2:30pm.

For those who bleed burnt orange like myself, this YouTube is for you:

I'm giving away more Ergowrap devices. They went nuts last week as people are using them to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome when typing.

We'll get an in-studio visit from some Verizon Wireless folks showing off some of their just-announced new products for the holiday season. Make sure to log on to the video conference to see it all.

Other things to weigh in on include the hot, local topic of whether cell phones should be banned by while driving after the horrible accident that took the life of a police officer, a woman getting fined $220,000 for downloading illegal music and an iPod catching fire in a dude's pants.

Perfect fodder to kill time before the greatest college football matchup of the year.

Hook 'em Horns!

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