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Friday, September 14, 2007

iPhone Rebate Info...Finally

Just posted to the Apple web site; instructions on how to get your $100 credit. But here's a pisser - the credit can't be used on iTunes! That is exactly what I was going to get with my credit.

According to terms listed on the site, the credit can be redeemed only inside the United States, and cannot be used inside the iTunes store or for Apple store gift cards. So now what am I gonna do? I don't need anything from that store and if I did it would surely cost a lot more than $100.

Touche', Mr. Jobs. Another chapter to add in the "Changing The Game: How Apple Reverse Marketed The iPhone" book.

I can only assume that Apple ruled iTunes ineligible as there is relatively little profit margin in selling 99 cent songs. Typical retail stores can make around a 35% profit margin which means Apple is really giving away about 65 bucks in credit. 100 song downloads would not bring a windfall to the bottom line and since the majority of consumers would probably download songs with the credit very few would walk into a store (and thus buy something more expensive).

So here's the deal:
  1. Go to their site
  2. Fill in your cell phone number and the iPhone's serial number
  3. Stand by to receive an SMS message from Apple with an access code number
  4. Fill in the code you received
  5. Print or jot down the credit and PIN numbers

The site said that the SMS may take up to 5 minutes. It took about 30 minutes before I received mine. In a bit of irony I completed the process on my iPhone (not a computer) and thus couldn't print out the credit and PIN numbers nor cut-and-paste them to put them in an email to myself. Perfect.

I will say the credit process is extremely easer than typical rebates. I was prepared to bring my receipt into an AT&T store where I bought mine for $600. Leave it to the Cupertino Crew to simplify this, too.

So what would you buy with a $100 Apple store credit?

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  • How long do you have to use it? Assuming a year, there should be a new iPod that will need testing out around this time in '08.

    Of course, there's always the option of several colored cases to match your outfits....hahahha

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:28 PM  

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