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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Houston, We Have A New Website

Launch. Complete.

By now you probably have seen our new website at The boys from Dreamray came on my radio show last Saturday and flipped the switch while we were on the air. We quickly received several dozen emails with favorable comments and a smart suggestion or two.

The only non-flattering comment I remember reading was something about my choice of shirts. Noted.

Many people are taking the week off for Thanskgiving or at least slowing down a bit at work. A big topic on the show was online holiday sales. I mentioned that many sites likes Best Buy, Amazon, OfficeMax, Circuit City and Apple are rumored to have good deals beginning as early as this Thursday. If you find any sweet sales make sure to leave a comment here.

I sometimes wake up early on Black Friday to catch a few deals. I'll skip that this year as I will be sitting in for Joe Pags on KTRH between 9a-11a. Tune in as you are looking for a parking space (which could actually take up those entire two hours).

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