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Friday, February 08, 2008

Earthlink Selling Its Muni WiFi Division...

...but thanks for the $5 million.

It seems like only last year we were reporting regularly on the city's deal with Earthlink to build the largest WiFi network in North America. We now know that Earthlink pulled out of its deal with the city after a new CEO took over the Atlanta-based ISP.

Not only does municipal WiFi seem so 90's now, Earthlink has finally realized that building $50 million+ networks for wireless Internet access is akin to offering dial-up Internet connections (wait, they still do that). 0-for-2, Earthlink. The company is selling its muni WiFi business. Any takers?

In a conference call Thursday evening Earthlink also said it is no longer investing in Helio, a cell phone service targeting tech-savvy kids. Kiss 300 or so million dollars goodbye. 0-for-3.

Hey, who wants to meet me at Downing Street Pub for a stogie and free WiFi. Imagine that.

More on this during Saturday's radio show, 11am on The 9-5-0.

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