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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free ZoneAlarm Download Today Only

Once a year the generous programmers and marketers at Checkpoint Software offer a free download of its ZoneAlarm program. And today's the day!

From 5am CDT today through 5am CDT tomorrow, you can download a copy of Zone Alarm ForceField. It's a virtual browser which means it creates a clone of your browser. According Zone Alarm, "every time you visit a website, open a new page, or download a file, everything that could attack you or your PC goes to that clone. That way, if any threats do penetrate your defenses, only the temporary clone is infected. Not your computer.
You and your PC remain protected, immune to attacks."

Browser threats have become prevalent recently with issues like keyloggers and phishers adding to the omnipresent spyware.

ForceField normally sells for $29.95 on the website so start downloading now. Each license is for 1 year in 1 PC.

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