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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Face For Radio or TV?

Don't answer that.

While I host 6 radio shows each week I actually began the whole technology schtick 10 years on Channel 2 (KPRC-NBC) in Houston. Clear Channel Radio came a-calling while I was doing my daily TV segments and lured me away to the sexiness of radio.

I still make quite a few TV appearances locally and nationally. Slap a little powder on my nose and sometimes I can be bearable on screen.

I pop up on "Great Day Houston" (KHOU-CBS) regularly as their technology expert. Just this past week they invited me to co-host the hour-long show with my friend, Deborah Duncan. Had a blast and it has been nice receiving emails and calls from peeps with kind words.

So far Oprah hasn't contacted me about being her technology stud but after meeting Dr. Oz today in my radio studio, he said he would put in a good word for me. He is a really nice guy but, alas, I'm not holding my breath.

Here are some links to the segments:

Show Open - Kiss My App!

Q&A With Garf

Save Money Online

Searching For A Soulmate

Get Out of Town

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